Saturday, May 28, 2011

[Computer]Guide to "awesomize" your desktop with Rainmeter

Well, I think this will help someone to make their desktop looks "cool and shits".
I strongly recommend Windows 7, since it is much better in the side of appearance, and it totally kicks Windows XP's ass. Of course you can still use Windows XP, but you will have to go through a hell lot of trouble. But I will leave it for another time.
So... you can download Rainmeter from After downloading it, you need to install(duh). But after the installation, you just get a default skin. So, you need to download another skin.
Also, you should note that "skin" and "theme" is different. The "skin" is a package of resources, such as clock, calendar, RAM meter, CPU meter etc... and "theme" is a config of how you modify the skin's resources.
To download a skin, go to deviantart, where all the artists are just awesome, go to the customization menu, then skins and themes, select system monitoring, and choose Rainmeter. All of those are in the menu in the left of the site. You can choose any skin you like, and download them.
After downloading, there are 2 ways it can work:
- If you downloaded a rainstaller file, just run it.
- If you downloaded a file which is a folder of the skin, copy it to (system disk):\Users\(Your username)\Document\Rainmeter\Skins in Windows 7 or (system disk):\Documents and Settings\(Your username)\Document\Rainmeter\Skins in Windows XP.
Now, you have to right click on the rainmeter's icon in the notification area, and choose refresh all.
If you want to add a skin's component to the desktop, you can right click the rainmeter's icon->configs->(the skin you want)->(The component you want) and then tick on the variant that you like. Be warning that only one variant of a component can be placed at one instance.
If you want to remove a skin's component, right click on it, choose close skin.
You might be extremely furious when you press windows+D to show your desktop, and all the skin's components are disappear. In that case, you have to manually right click on EVERY COMPONENTS, choose settings, choose position, and select on desktop.
If you don't want the components to snap its edges together, you can right click the component, settings and deselect snap to edge.
Here is my desktop. I hope I helped someone with this.
And happy awesomizing your desktop.

[Gaming]Minecraft - Addiction

At first I thought this post would be so useless because, well, my knowledge of Minecraft is not really impressive, because I have just recently start playing it. I must say that I am really addicted to it.
Minecraft is a game by Mojang Studio, and was created by lead producer "Notch". The game focus on the  creativity of the player. Although everywhere is Minecraft world is full of cubes, the view of the nature in Minecraft still touches many hearts.
Every player, at first, has nothing in his hand and must start by chopping down some tree with his hands(well that was awkward...) and craft the needed tools for gathering more resource and make more advanced tools. And those advanced tools is for, well, gathering more advanced resources. The loop keeps repeating, and many people not knowing Minecraft reading to this point must be thinking "then what the hell is the point of playing this game?". The answer is the creativity. Minecraft is full of creativity. If you have enough imagination and enough patience, you can make the very simple things like a boat, or a plane, to an extremely complicated things like a spaceship or space station.
Minecraft is not focused much on its Singleplayer feature, but Multiplayer. The Multiplayer feature can provide many people, upto 64 at once, a personal world, personal script, and personal right in that world. You make modification (aka "modding") to your server so that it allows you to make a spaceship, a plane, or a boat that will actually fly/sail in that world, or you can make up shops. Summed up, Minecraft is a creative First Person game, with the feature of RPG(You can level up, get skill, killing monsters for items, crafting items), building game(duh, almost every cube in Minecraft can be placed on a surface), and communication(people can chat and help each other to build, hunt, or even PvP,etc...). If you are not a hardcore player who seeks extreme graphic, rushing gameplay and realistic sound system, you can always give Minecraft a try and be careful, because you will be addicted.

Friday, May 27, 2011

[Movie] Trainspotting

 Lets back to the pass a while, it's a good thing too because we know wich move is considered good by many people. I want to introduce you a movie that many of you may haven't heard of, but it has 3 winning for best movie at 3 difrent award and and has nominated by the  Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay . its a drama about drug atics in Scotland, based on the novel of the same name bt Irvin Welsh.
 I've seen it a thousand times, but then again you should not watch this with your family (your friends maybe) drama movies are just for you lonely saturday night I guess. It's a British movie, and it has been ranked 10th spot by the British Film Institute (BFI) in its list of Top 100 British films of all time. 

 It's a Danny Boyle's film, so it probably won't let you down. It has a very unique opening and some actors you might me familiar with. The film the film begins with Mark Renton's (Ewan McGregor) statement that unlike people who "choose life" (i.e. a traditional family lifestyle with children, financial stability and material possessions), he has chosen an alternative lifestyle of a heroin addict. Renton's close circle of football enthusiast friends are introduced: Sick Boy, Spud and Renton are all heroin addicts, while Tommy and Begbie openly criticise heroin use, even as they indulge in binge drinking and chain smoking. After quitting heroin, Renton struggles to adjust. The return to sobriety forces Renton to view his friends much more critically as they spend time together sober engaging in unconventional activities.

After a tragic relapse, Renton moves to London and starts a job as a property letting agent. He begins to enjoy the vibrancy of London, still clean off heroin, and saves up money on the side. His happiness is short-lived, however, as his 'friends' continually bring their dramas to him.

 I hope you like it.

[Music] Harmonica technique: bending note

well here is to anybody who has a harmonica and wants to play it, I'll show you some cool stuff about the guitar later in the future.
 If you don't know how to bend a note on a diatonic harmonica, you'll soon get boring with this intrument, because this is the most popular ,the best and the trickiest technique on the harmonica, along with the over blow technique

 Bending note only happens when you draw. At playing a harmonica, you should start with the C harmonica. You can only bend notes at the 1st,2nd, 3rd,4th and 6th holes. Here is the picture wich illustrates possible bend and overblow notes on a C harmonica:

you can see in the 2nd, 3rd, you can bend more than a half step, it depends on how deep is your tounge bending in the middle.

 First, let me show you how this works
 the Hamonica notes change when you change the dirrection of the air you draw in.

 In order to do this, you have to make a special position of your touge and lips. Some people say the best way to learn this technique is saying "Weeeeee", and then say "ooooooo" to bend (of course we just need the mouth position when I said that, you can't actually say anything when you are drawing XD) . If you do this the first time and the note actually bended, then you're better than me!
 It took me sometimes to figure out, and what I did is I put the hole a little down, it worked to.
remember this is not how you do it and don't get used to it because this is just for you to understand how it works.

 As I said before, you have to bend your touge, and remember to put your tounge always at the middle of your lips so in can dirrect the air.

 I found a really nice web site, wich has picture that make you easy to understand, is one of the top web site when you find "bend harmonica" on Google.

so this his how you bend it on the 4th (D to C#)
Note Bending
 bend your tounge lower when for a step a step and a half at the 3rd hole:
Note Bending

 Pretty hard right?. That is because you've just made your tounge to something it has never done before. Now you've understood how to bend it, it's just the matter of time until you become a harmonica pro. good luck
 This is the most difficult technique on the harmonica, others are pretty cool too,like the overblow, it's still a note bending technique but way easier, the easy wah-wah that you cannot miss in a blues song... I'll teach you next time. Have fun practicing!

[Music]Metallica's Master of Puppets - The Masterpiece of Cliff's.

If you are a fan of Metallica, or just someone who likes to listen to Metallica's songs, you must have heard of Master of Puppets.
Master of Puppets, which comes from Master of Puppets album (ironic, right?) is probably the most succeeded song of all time for Metallica. Also, it is more than just a song, it is like the last piece of memory of Metallica about Cliff Burton, the no-longer bassist, the former member of Metallica.
The tragic death of Cliff Burton occurred while they were on Damage Inc. tour, and when they were passing through a mountain area in Sweden, the bunk tripped, and Cliff was crushed to death.
The song Master of Puppets' riffs were actually written by Dave Mustaine, a former member of Metallica and now is the rhythm guitarist for Megadeth. The riffs were modified by Kirk Hammett and the bass part was rewritten by Cliff Burton.
As seen in the video is the show on 89' tour of Metallica. This show was considered to be the best show of Metallica.
Master of Puppets is a classic Thrash Metal song with 172bpm speed, which makes the most calm people become rebellious and overjoyed. They start the song with the strong power chord, comes with a drum beat. Right after that, the chop-down riffs start and the speed of it makes everyone want to put their hand on the table, take a knife and chop it off if they want to play(believe me, I tried to play it while standing, but I can't do anything to not make my hands tired. The riffs are freaking hard!).
The solo is what I like the most. It's not very hard, and actually, it's just overrated in the side of difficult. The technique required to play it is not so hard to get, yet you need firm hands and good catching to play it right.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Music] The harmonica

Well, I'm not gonna tell everything about the harmonica because I will make you bored even before you have read half of this post. It's just that...since I've been fascinated about intruments, especially the harmonica, I feel like I should share something with those who (might) want to play this wonderful intrument.
 I was suprised to know that the harmonica's great grandpa was from South-East Asia (Indo-China) since the 12th century, and came to Europe. Well since then, that big old bamboo horn developed...
 I'm a big fan of Blues music, so there wasn't a doubt that I was interested right away by the sound of the harmonica, from the songs of BB King, Elvis Presley,The Beatles, Bob Dylan... yes sir! On my opinion, no harmonica sounds better than a blues diatonic from the club bars of the American streets or from desert of Western cowboys...
 If you want to buy a harmonica to play the blues, make sure you didn't buy the wrong harmonica, the diatonic harmonic sounds way driffrent from the others. There are many kind of harmonica, I'm going to show you a few popular kind that new players may mistake it with the diatonic.

-The tremolo: This one has light kind of sound which is aproppriate with modern love songs and maybe asian romantic love song, so this harmonica is very popular in asian's intrument store, in other word, It'll be difficult to find a Diatonic in asia, you might get a Tremolo instead.

a tremolo harmonica
 The tremolo Diatonic has 3 sizes, the 16 holes, 20 holes and the 24 holes. The Tremolo has double reed-plate (the metal plate that make notes when you blow) so if there is 16 columns, there are 32 holes since there are 2 rows.
The tremolo harmonica sounds the same when you blow or draw it, and you can't do anything but blow or draw it, and the tremolo is just for playing melody parts of the songs, not for playing chord or solo, so it's pretty boring.

-The Chromatic. Now I don't know much about this guy but I'm pretty sure it's just for playing simple melody too. This one has much more convenient to play because it has (almost?) every note, there's a button (or something like that) on the side of the harmonica, normally there are major notes when you blow or draw the holes, but if you adjust the button, each note will become its sharp note. There not much you can do more with the chromatic than the tremolo wich is usually cheaper, this one is usually for children to play as I knew.

a chromatic harmonica
-Others like the orchestral harmonica, chord harmonica and some Chinese harmonicas do pretty much the same, but they have certain different sound wich could be interesting. There are kinds that design for playing chords too
a chord harmonica
this Chord Harmonica can play very much every kind of chords:minor, major, sharp, flat, even seventh...

 But yeah! nothing interests me more than the diatonic. The Diatonic harmonic is more difficult to play well with tecniques and missing note that you have to figuer out to make a good solo. Each Diatonic harmonica only designed for a few among of chords, like the C harmonica can solo at the C, G, D(maybe) major chord,the diatonic harmonica is just for blues or rock n roll music so it plays very well on seventh chord and rarely on minor chords. With a diatonic harmonica, you can think of your own harmonica solo quickly with the right song,right chords, using various techniques like bending notes, wah wah, the train... everthing that fits the rythm and the chord.
 So have a harmonica (10$ or 20$) and have a great time, you can perform with other intruments (usually guitar) by using the harmonica holder. so you can play the guitar for the chord, sing for the melody and play the harmonica for the solo, the chicks are gonna like it XD

 I can play the harmonica, not so good but I know a few poppular techniques that I will show you in the note of the near future.

 Here are some examples for songs wich has harmonica playing:

[Music]Metallica's The Call of Ktulu.

So, I am a headbanger, and going on the road to become a metalhead.
I usually listen to Metallica(60-80), And I must say that The Call of Ktulu was one of my 4 favorite creepy songs: The Call of Ktulu, The Thing that should not be, Ride the Lightning, and To Live is To Die. Today, I will talk about The Call of Ktulu, in my view.
Ktulu literally is Cthulhu, "the high priest to the great old ones" in Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. Maybe if you have read The Call of Cthulhu, you will be familiar with the chant "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn", which is roughly translated as "In his house in R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming". Cthulhu becomes the symbol of a creepy creature that should not even exist, a mystery of the deep sea, the darkness that swallow the fear of human to feed its hollowness.

The songs starts with sound of blowing winds, that brings the first cold impression to the listener. And after that, the sound of guitar starts to bright up the atmosphere, but makes it so dim that as if it was at a dawn. Repeatedly, the  clean sound of guitar brings the creepy feelings up the throat... Suddenly, the distortion guitar sound came up, slowly fade in, but quickly takes its role to scare off the most sane mind. Every single note, every palm mute, brings the weight onto the listener.
The solo was, IMO, the most creepy part. There was never a song that the solo was so "fucked up", yet is so "in tune", and can brings the creepiest experience to the listener. Every single dive bomb, every single bend creeps up the nerve. And with the strong ending, listeners feel like they are released.

[Movie] a serious man

 If you are a fan of  horror movie, you'll find there are movie with frightening situation that put you scary right away, but there are movies make you only feel disgusting, make you think about it for a long time  looking for the deep meaning of it, and more you think about it, it makes you scare, and so are comedy movies. There are comedies (most of them) makes you laugh and feel relaxing, lower your stress, but there are comedies about normal life problems, normal life ridicullus situations that someone laugh their ass off, others dont see them funny at all, those are black comedy (or dark comedy). One of the good black comedy recently that I want to tell you to day is "A serious man". The movie has many award, and has 2 Oscar nomination, BBC called it "one of the less talked about nominees" .
 this black comedy drama centered on Larry Gopnik, a Midwestern professor who watches his life unravel through multiple sudden incidents. Though seeking for meaning and answers he seems to stay stalled.
  well. here's the plot quoted from wikipedia
In a Polish shtetl in the early 20th century, a Jewish man, Velvel (Allen Lewis Rickman), tells his wife Dora (Yelena Shmuelenson) that he had been helped on his way home by Traitle Groshkover, whom he has invited in for soup. Dora objects, saying Groshkover is dead, and that this visitor must be a dybbuk. When he arrives, Groshkover (Fyvush Finkel) laughs off the accusation, but Dora plunges an icepick into his chest. Bleeding, he exits into the snowy night.

In Minnesota in 1967, Larry Gopnik (Michael Stuhlbarg) is a professor of physics whose wife, Judith (Sari Lennick), abruptly informs him that she needs a get (a Jewish divorce document) so she can marry widower Sy Ableman (Fred Melamed).

Three other people reside at Larry and Judith's house. Their son Danny (Aaron Wolff) owes twenty dollars for marijuana to an intimidating Hebrew school classmate, but the bill is hidden in a transistor radio since confiscated by his teacher. Daughter Sarah is always doing her hair. Larry's brother, Arthur (Richard Kind), sleeps on the couch and spends his free time filling a notebook with an extravagant theory that will, he claims, tie together all natural laws.

Larry faces an impending vote on his application for tenure, and his department head lets slip that anonymous letters have urged the committee to deny him. A Korean student, Clive Park, about to flunk Larry's class and lose his scholarship, plants in Larry's office an envelope stuffed with cash. After Larry attempts to return it, Clive's father comes to his house to threaten to sue either for defamation if Larry accuses Clive of bribery, or for keeping the money if he does not give him a passing grade.

At the insistence of Judith and Sy, Larry and Arthur move into a nearby motel. Judith has emptied the couple's bank accounts, leaving Larry penniless, so he enlists the services of a sympathetic divorce attorney (Adam Arkin). Larry learns Arthur faces charges of solicitation and sodomy, despite his previous attendance at "mixers."

To cope with his streak of unfortunate circumstances, Larry turns to his Jewish faith. The two rabbis he consults are either obtuse, oblivious, or obscure. His synagogue's senior rabbi is never available. Larry's mental state reaches a breaking point when he and Sy are involved in seemingly simultaneous, but separate, car crashes. Larry is unharmed, but Sy is killed. At Judith's insistence, Larry pays for Sy's funeral.

Larry is proud and moved by Danny's bar mitzvah, unaware of his son's distractions from nerves and marijuana. During the service, Judith apologizes to Larry for all the recent trouble and informs him that Sy liked him so much that he even wrote letters to the tenure committee. Danny meets with the senior rabbi in his office, where the old man — who has had Danny's transistor radio in his desk — quotes verbatim from the psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane's song "Somebody To Love". When he returns the radio, he counsels Danny to "be a good boy."

Larry's department head compliments him on Danny's bar mitzvah and hints that he will win tenure. Upon receiving the bill for Arthur's criminal lawyer, Larry decides to pass Clive. Larry's doctor calls, asking to see him immediately to talk about the results of a chest X-ray. At the same moment, Danny's teacher struggles to open the school's shelter door as a massive tornado bears down on them.

 I especially like the short presentation, it's so deep. go watch it, I don't know about you guys but I think it's damn funny!

[Gaming]Amnesia: Dark Descent.

You have heard of Silent Hill, you have got heart-freeze moment with it, you have had the chill before Alma in FEAR, you have had the creepy feelings before the overwhelming raids of zombies in Resident Evil. But that's nothing compared to Amnesia: Dark Descent.
Amnesia is a multi-platform horror game, which was made by Frictional Games.
Game's storyline(From Wikipedia):
Set in the year 1839, the game casts the player in the role of Daniel, a young man from London, who awakens in the dark halls of the Prussian Brennenburg Castle with little to no memory about himself or his past. All he can remember is his name, that he lives in Mayfair and that something is hunting him.
Daniel's situation and additional information about the backstory is found through diary entries and notes that the player can find during their journey, and flashbacks as Daniel recalls old memories of the castle. Shortly after waking, Daniel finds a note written by himself that explains how he purposely made himself forget his past, for reasons yet unknown. The note urges Daniel to descend into the castle's Inner Sanctum and murder a man named Alexander, the baron of the castle. The note gives a final warning that a "living nightmare" is chasing him, and Daniel must escape it for as long as he can.
Daniel decides to follow his former self's advice and explores the castle halls to descend to the Inner Sanctum. As he explores, Daniel occasionally finds a fleshy substance growing on the walls and doors, a sign of the "nightmare" getting closer and closer. Through the diary entries scattered around the rooms, the cause of the castle's fall into ruin begins to become clear. Before his arrival at the castle, Daniel went on an archaeological expedition to Africa with his friend and colleague Professor Herbert in order to research an ancient burial chamber. Whilst there, Daniel encountered a large underground chamber during a dig, much older than the one they had expected to find based on their research. A sudden collapse of stone trapped Daniel inside the chamber where he began to suffocate, but also experienced a strange vision of a glowing blue sphere of light. Attempting to grab it, he suddenly blacked out and woke up being rescued by Arab diggers with the pieces to an ancient Orb in his hands.
Daniel returned to England at the request of Herbert and attempted to fit the pieces together but was puzzled to find out that they did not fit together. Stranger still, the pieces appeared to be changing shape and texture. To find out more, Daniel visited famed geologist Sir William Smith. The geologist was unsure of what was causing the changes, and assumed it was just a natural occurrence. Later, Daniel received a letter about the fate of the expedition he left behind and it was revealed that only the empty campsite was found. Herbert and his men had vanished and the lone survivor, who was grievously injured, kept rambling about something hunting down the expedition. Some of Herbert's journals were sent back to England and Daniel picked them up. Herbert claimed to have descended into the ancient chamber and retrieved the Orb himself, making it impossible for Daniel to have the fragments.
Daniel continues to explore Brennenburg Castle and is soon hunted by disturbing, nightmarish mutilated creatures as well as the "Shadow". He also begins to experience visions of the events in the castle's past, including what Alexander, his target, had done in many of the chambers. Daniel is shocked to realize Alexander had been performing inhumane experiments on animals in order to find "vitae", a substance he saw as essential for some sort of mystical ritual. He is also shown to be ruthless, even going as far as to poison and kill his own men to prevent them telling the outside world what he had been doing inside the castle. It is also hinted at that the monstrosities that chase Daniel may have been created through their experimentation. Daniel also experiences flashback visions of him and Alexander talking to one another, presumably on their way to the Inner Sanctum. Daniel continues his journey down into the depths of the castle through the use of Alexander's elevator, which takes him down into the underground prison area of the castle.
Further diary entries show that despite being haunted by nightmares every night, Daniel was able to reassemble the Orb after one such dream told him it could be done. The object fitted together without any adhesive and now sat in Daniel's drawing room in a complete form. Daniel went to Herbert's university to get some answers about the relic, and saw Professor Taylor to find out more. He learned that the Orbs appeared to have left a mark on English culture, even inspiring royal symbology. The Orbs had, supposedly, originally been wielded by priests. On his way out, he overheard a conversation from which he learned that William Smith had been killed only a fortnight after Daniel spoke to him. Through more flashbacks, Daniel learns he went to see Dr. Tate about his nightmares, but was not able to get a diagnosis. Days later, both Professor Taylor and Dr. Tate were killed in horrific ways, and convinced Daniel that he was somehow to blame for their deaths. Thinking he would be next, Daniel tried contacting many names in Herbert's address book and received a cryptic response from a baron in Prussia who claimed he could protect him from some unknown force. The letter was signed 'Alexander' and urged Daniel to come to Brennenburg Castle immediately.
Once at the castle, Daniel began to assist Alexander in various tasks designed to keep the living nightmare away from him. Revealed to be a Guardian of the Orb, the "Shadow" would not take long to arrive. During this time, Daniel also allowed Alexander to use his Orb in their attempted rituals to banish the Shadow later on. On a tour of the castle, Alexander revealed not only Brennenburg's function as a prison, but also that the inmates would be used in arcane rituals needed to save Daniel. The Shadow began to draw even closer, until finally the partial failure of a ritual allowed it into the castle. Panicking, Daniel told Alexander he would do whatever it took to survive and unwittingly played right into the baron's hands.
Back in the current time-line, close to the Inner Sanctum, Daniel meets an old frail man chained to the wall near the castle's laboratory. The man is Agrippa, a friend of Alexander's, who helped him gain knowledge of the Orb's powers many years ago. His consciousness is now trapped in a dead husk so that Alexander may use him as a source of information. Agrippa asks Daniel to create a concoction to set him free from his body and stop Alexander from using the Orbs. Searching for ingredients, Daniel finds himself in a part of the castle littered with gruesome torture rooms. Through flashbacks and more diary entries, it becomes clear Daniel chose to lose his memories in order to forget the atrocities he committed.
Alexander began telling Daniel about different methods of extracting vitae from the prisoners [whom Alexander claims are murderers and vile men, but it is suggested that many were not] down in the castle depths, claiming the process would keep the Shadow away from him. Daniel followed him without question because of his increasing desperation and helped to perform gruesome rituals on the prisoners using various methods of torture, thinking that he would save himself through the process. Using such items as an iron maiden and a brass bull, Daniel ended up becoming the very thing he was killing and even went as far as to kidnap local villagers and children from outside the castle to use for the rituals. Consumed by grief, regret and disgust at his actions, Daniel drank a memory-destroying Amnesia tonic to have a fresh start and fix what he had done. He realized that Alexander had manipulated him in order to obtain the Orb to achieve his goal and swore that the baron would die for his actions, leading to the events at the start of the game.
As he progresses, Daniel is attacked by three monsters and is locked up in one of the castle prison cells. He hears Alexander speaking to him telepathically, thanking him for his role in everything and for keeping the Shadow away from the baron. At this point, it is possible to end the game- Alexander asks Daniel to wait in the cell and let the shadow consume him, and it is possible to do just that. The cell will fill with the fleshy substance, Daniel will hear the voices of the people he's tortured, and then the shadow will kill him. If Daniel manages to escape, he will be able to return to the laboratory and find that the Shadow's influence has grown over absolutely everything. Agrippa asks Daniel for the potion. If the player has found the ingredients, then the potion can be made in the lab and fed to Agrippa. The old man then asks that his head be cut off and taken with Daniel to stop Alexander and get into a "portal" before he does. If the player did not find the ingredients, then Daniel enters the Inner Sanctum alone. He uses the power of his own Orb to open the way and goes to complete his objective.
Inside the massive chamber, Daniel finds Alexander floating naked in midair, engulfed by a blue-glow. Surrounding the Orb are three fragile pillars that are feeding blue-hued energy to it in order to complete the ritual. Alexander thanks Daniel once again and rants about how he can finally return "home" once again. Three possible endings to the game can happen at this point.
If the player chooses to knock over the pillars, then the ritual fails. Alexander screams as his body disintegrates, and Daniel leaves the chamber. The Shadow's influence is assumed to be gone through his redeeming actions, and the game ends with Daniel leaving Brennenburg Castle behind with a guilt-free conscience.
If the player does nothing at first, the portal Alexander wants to open appears and he begins to float towards it, leaving Daniel to face the Shadow alone. If the player uses Agrippa's head on the portal, then the ritual will be completed before Alexander can get through, resulting in his death. Daniel is seemingly killed by the Shadow but wakes up in darkness with small blue lights visible in the distance. The voice of Agrippa assures him everything is going to be all right and the game ends.
The third possible ending occurs if the player does nothing at all, either not having Agrippa's head to use in the portal, or choosing not to use it. As Alexander enters the portal, The Shadow and the souls of the tortured consume Daniel, killing him. However, afterwards Alexander is heard telling Daniel that he will be celebrated forever. The same ending occurs if the player waits in a cell he's trapped in for several minutes after being captured by the Gatherers in a scripted event towards the end of the game.
 You thought the Silent Hill's Pyramid head would be what will take your innocence, but moments like this will take away your sanity.

Protecting environment - What people actually think.

Environment is now put in a dangerous position. Wastes, garbages, and many more... are threats toward the green world. As you know, the global warm-up is becoming worse and worse. Temperature of many places on the world reached over 42 celsius degrees. This extremely-hot temperature is dangerous to both human, animal and plants. The UV(Ultra-Violet) ray intensity can give skin cancer to human and animal, the heat makes it harder for the plants to survives.
In where I live, in the past 2 years, the temperature in summer usually stays at 41-43 degrees, but this year, it's getting lower and lower. Is that a sign of the easing of global warm-up? I wouldn't say so.
In the past two years, there were many factory accidents as well as the tragic, as we known, explosion of Fukushima reactor in Japan, which releases a massive amount of chemical waste and radio-active material into the earth's atmosphere. Maybe that's why the UV Ray gets to the surface harder: The rays meet the thick amount of waste.
But people are not taking this seriously. Most people still wasting energy, water, and still polluting the environment,
And when we tell them not to, they don't listen. They use the reason of "we must fit in" to defend their actions.
According to a research, at this rate of wasting resources and polluting the environment, the earth's atmosphere will be too polluted to live in 15 more years.
Yes. You heard it. 15 more years.
The Holocaust, the rapture, 2012, all bull-shit, but this, people, this thing is real. If we don't start acting, things will not change.

How music rises and falls.

"Yes". That's the answer if someone will ask me "Do you think music makes your soul?". Music makes everyone's soul, from the orphan kids, to the employed people, to the billionaires and even the gods.
Music is, in my humble opinion, what being the inspiration of everything, include itself. From the primal ages, people have discovered the beats with the drums. Then comes the rhythms of poetry, and then, the rhythm of music. In music, we find ourself and people. We know, every time the music starts, that we have the same soul with the artist.
Music in ages before was not considered not to be done by everyone. Only those who have the deepest soul of the societies, those who live in the nature and believe in mother earth can write down the chords, the beats, the rhythm that touch everyone's heart. It was the golden age of classic music.
And then, the time that the more casual music was written came, in which that people can express themselves by writing down some guitar notes, some piano chord, some beat of drums, and they can say what the people at their same age want to say. Jazz music was created. And it was the great piece of life, the blue piece.
Go a little further, we can find Blues, the genre that makes us want to dance around, or lie down and rest after a work-hard day. It was the time that music comes everywhere. Everyone can play, can write music. Music really becomes the soul.
Then, comes the 70s, and 80s of the 20th century. There were Metal, Hard Rock, those genres that are rebellious. It helps people to express the need of freedom.
Music gave people the soul, the inspiration, the comfort, the freedom. Music is the god. Music is omnipotent.
But, these days, many people just write down some random chords according to the "Circle of Fifth" and then record it. Suddenly, it becomes the hit. No passion, no creation, not even difference.
1997, comes the Auto-tune, the reaper that killed the music industry. With it, anyone can be super star. If so, what is the meaning of being a super star?
It's not that these days, people cannot "create". There are many artists who are still contributing with their passion. For example, Per-Olov Kindgren. He both covers and composes. All of his pieces are wonderful.
But does he have the fame that everyone wants?
No. Because he does not want it. He wants to contribute, not to be a star.
And that's what all the musicians want.

Hello, Bloggers

Recently, I have deleted my blog on Opera because, well, there are hundreds and thousands of spammers.
So, I have started to hear about Blogger, or Blogspot, which belongs to Google, so I believe Blogspot will provide me better solution in Blogging.
I hope I will get more friends on Blogspot :)