Friday, June 3, 2011

[Music]Per Olov Kindgren - The Four Seasons' Autumn

The third piece in Per-Olov's Four Seasons album.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

[Music]Per Olov Kindgren - The Four Seasons' Summer.

So, you have listened the Four Seasons' Spring right?
You might as well love this.
I personally consider this piece to be the best one.
Per-Olov Kindgren's Summer, from The Four Seasons.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

[Movie] Inglorious Basterds

in the 82nd Academy award (when Steve Martin was 10 times funnier than all his movie), I found it was a very difficult decision for the best picture that year, we got "Up","Precious","An education","avatar"(almost forget) and "the blind side", but in the end, the oscar went to "the hurt locker", I confused about this. I think it got an oscar be cause It's about the American war today which makes it has a bigger meaning. But here what I thought for that best picture award: Inglorious Basterd, great writting, an amazing original screenplay when considered it's about a history war(its a developement from the 1998 version but most of the script changed). So, to day I would like to recomend this one to you, it's a fictional story about the German Nazis in France and a team of Jewish Allied soldiers led by First Lieutenant Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt)(a fictional story,because Hitler actually died in this film).It's a war movie, but the emotion is not so harsh, rather funny.
 this is the movie's plot:
In 1941, SS Colonel Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz) arrives at a dairy farm in France to interrogate Perrier Lapadite (Denis Menochet) about rumors that he is hiding the Jewish Dreyfus family. Landa persuades the farmer to confess to hiding the family underneath his floor. Landa then orders the SS soldiers into the house to shoot through the floorboards where they are hiding. The entire family is killed, except the teenage Shosanna (Mélanie Laurent), whom Landa allows to escape.
In the spring of 1944, First Lieutenant Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) is tasked to recruit a team of eight Jewish-American soldiers for a mission to go behind enemy lines and bring fear to all German servicemen. He tells the soldiers that they each owe him one hundred Nazi scalps. They operate with a "take no prisoners" attitude and come to be known as the "Basterds". One survivor of an attack by the Basterds, a soldier named Butz (Sönke Möhring), is interviewed by Adolf Hitler (Martin Wuttke). Butz's account of the attack is shown in flashback: his squad was ambushed and his sergeant (Richard Sammel) was beaten to death with a baseball bat by Staff Sergeant Donny Donowitz (Eli Roth), known by the Germans as "The Bear Jew". Butz then reveals that Raine carved a swastika into his forehead with a knife.
In June 1944, Shosanna has assumed a new identity as "Emmanuelle Mimieux" and is operating a cinema in Paris. She meets Fredrick Zoller (Daniel Brühl), a German sniper whose exploits are to be celebrated in a Nazi propaganda film, Stolz der Nation (Nation's Pride). Zoller is attracted to Shosanna and convinces Joseph Goebbels (Sylvester Groth) to hold the premiere of his film at Shosanna's cinema. Shosanna realizes that the presence of several high-ranking Nazi officials provides an opportunity for revenge and resolves to burn down the cinema during the premiere by setting fire to a large quantity of extremely flammable nitrate film.
The British learn of the premiere and dispatch Lieutenant Archie Hicox (Michael Fassbender) to infiltrate the event aided by the Basterds and German film actress and double agent, Bridget von Hammersmark (Diane Kruger). Hicox and two of the German-born Basterds meet with von Hammersmark at a tavern where Major Dieter Hellstrom (August Diehl), of the Gestapo, notices Hicox's odd accent and that he gives the wrong (non-German) three-fingered order for drinks; three fingers up instead of two fingers and the thumb. The resulting standoff erupts into a firefight, leaving everyone dead except von Hammersmark. Raine interrogates von Hammersmark, and upon learning that Hitler will be attending the premiere, devises a plan whereby he, Donny, and Omar (Omar Doom) will pose as von Hammersmark's Italian escorts at the premiere. Landa later investigates the tavern, retrieving von Hammersmark's shoe and an autographed napkin.
At the premiere, Landa asks to see von Hammersmark privately, where he makes her try on the shoe. Convinced to his satisfaction that she is in league with the Basterds, he suddenly strangles her to death. He then orders Raine and Utivich (B. J. Novak) to be arrested. Communicating by radio, Landa makes a deal with Raine's commanding officer (Harvey Keitel) to be granted a full military pension and American citizenship, in exchange for allowing Donny and Omar—still seated in the cinema—to kill the Nazi high command. During the film, Zoller goes to the projection room to see Shosanna and confronts her angrily due to her multiple rejections of his advances from the beginning. When his back is turned, she shoots him multiple times, but he manages to shoot her dead before succumbing to his wounds. The film is then interrupted by an inserted close-up of Shosanna informing the audience that they are going to be killed by a Jew. At the same time, Shosanna's employee and lover, Marcel (Jacky Ido), who has locked and bolted all the exits of the cinema, ignites the nitrate film stacked behind the screen. Omar and Donowitz successfully attack and kill Goebbels and Hitler, then shoot into the crowd of panicking Nazis until the timers on their bombs go off and destroy the cinema, killing everyone inside.
Landa and his radio operator drive Raine and Utivich to the American lines, and according to the deal, Landa surrenders to Raine and hands over his weapons, allowing Utivich to handcuff him. To Landa's shock, Raine then shoots the radio operator and orders Utivich to scalp the dead man. Raine then carves a swastika into Landa's forehead proclaiming, "This just might be my masterpiece".

[Music]Per Olov Kindgren - The Four Seasons' Spring.

Looks like it's time to change a little. It's always been Metal.
Today, I give you the classical piece Spring from The Four Seasons,Composed by Per Olov Kindgren, a master guitarist.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[Music]Metallica's To live is to die.

So, you guys have been reading about the instrumentals of Metallica. This one is the last one in 3 of their instrumental pieces.
"To live is to die", in many fans' minds, is the most memorable piece. Why?
If you have ever come to Ljungby in Sweden, you can somehow walk by the memorial stone of Cliff Burton, you can see the line "CANNOT THE KINGDOM OF SALVATION TAKE ME HOME" was engraved on it. That epic line came from the song "To live is to die". Yes. This song we are talking about.
To live is to die by far is the longest song Metallica has ever recorded(9:49. If someone is gonna argue that Mercyful Fate is longer, I am gonna say that song is a mixed up of 5 shits). The song was recorded under the record label Elektra and was released in "...And justice for all" album on august 25th, 1988.
About the song, it's hardly for me to say any word. The song itself is a tribute to Cliff, and most of the riffs are written by Cliff. In another word, the song is the soul of Cliff, the very last rhythms that he left on this cruel world.

[Music]Metallica's Orion - Silent and Rebellious.

Lately I have been posting quite a few about Metallica's songs. And 2 out of 3 songs have the most comments(detail: Master of Puppets with 22 comments and For whom the bell tolls with 40 comments so far), so I think people will love this song.
Out of 3 instrumental pieces from Metallica, Orion is a very different piece to both Metallica's instrumentals and all other instrumentals.

Of course, for an instrumental song, there are absolutely no lyric(To live is to die doesn't count. James does not sing, he just read those lines) so the instruments in this kind of music must fill up for the space that vocalists left. Mostly other pieces use the same riffs with heavy beat to make this space filled up, but not for Metallica.
Metallica used the different riffs for different part, and only the first and second riffs are repeated twice, the rest of the song totally changes through time and absolutely does not have any repeated part, for both rhythm guitar and lead guitar. In this song, most of the people who listen to it will probably say "Hey, this song sounds familiar". It's because the melody after the bridge part. The tune of the song will go to everybody's minds without them knowing, and the melody will always be familiar. I learned this song for around 1 week and I can't get the tune out of my head, while my fingers keep running like on the fingerboard.
The drum is also a special part. In most other songs, Lars only break the beats in the end of every parts,
but in this song, Lars break it all the time. I, at first, always miss the break and lose the beat, but luckily, in a while I started to catch it and it becomes catchy.
But the most special part is the bass(Yeah... It's Cliff's). The bass sounds catchy, soft while still violent and rebellious. After the bridge, the bass' melody was very beautiful.
Anyway, hundreds of words cannot fill up the space of the ears. You should check the song out yourself.

Monday, May 30, 2011

[Music]Metallica - For whom the bell tolls.

If you have watched the movie Zombieland, you will hear the song in the intro of the movie. It starts when the "Rule #4: Seat belts" appears, and the music comes up when the worker throws the zombie off the stairway. Why do I know this? Well I have just watched it and I immediately heard the familiar tune and everything comes to my head. I decided to share with you guys this.
As you can see, the video was captured before Cliff is dead. I posted this video as a salutation to Cliff Burton, a talent bassist, the soul of Metallica.
For whom the bell tolls was written based on the novel with the same name, by Ernest Hemingway. The novel was about the story of Robert Jordan, a young american in the Spanish Civil War.
The song start with the sound of the bell. It reminds us about the church far away from the field in the dawn of the day. And the sound of the bass started, makes us think of raids and raids of devil coming through the land.
This masterpiece doesn't have a clear solo. Most of the song's guitar sounds are mixed into the sound of drum and bass, resemble the chaos in the wartime. The ending is the solo and it gradually fades out, as if the life of the soldier is slowly drained into the death(which is like in Fade to Black).
All in all, I think this song is the best piece of Cliff. He created the sound of the bass through both wah wah and distortion pedal, make a thick, violent and creepy sound that every of us can never mistake to any other sound of bass.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

[Technology]PsykoPaint - now everyone is artist.

"It's evolution baby!"- Charles Darwin
Yeah. If you know who Van Gogh, Monet are, you probably would have looked at their paints. Have you ever wanted to try to paint like that?
With PsykoPaint, you have the brush of the greatest artists in the whole history. And with that, you can either turn one of your picture into a paint, or just paint your own.
As you can see, you can upload a picture on PsykoPaint and turn it into a paint with your own way, or just paint something that comes through your mind.
Go ahead. Give it a try. It won't bite(well nothing on the internet can bite you though). And who knows, maybe 100 years later, your grand grand children will find the painting of yours in their hard drive, and the humanity will know a "*Your name here* The Great Artist ".

[Movie] Pan's labyrinth.

 Guys, here goes another movie for you to check out, it's not a horror film nor a comedy, more like a scientific but it's known as a fantasy film, the wonderful mixing of the real history and unreal event, and in the end, we don't even know weather it was real or just the maint character's imagination. yeah, check out Pan's labyrinth (or El Laberinto del Fauno , It's a Spainish movie). Now many people made mistake that this is a movie for children, a model fairy tale or something...IT'S NOT, so make sure you are 18+ and have awared of the disturbing images (like blood, and more blood), because it is one of the most violent movie I've seen so far.
 It is a 2006 Mexican Spanish-Language fantasy film, written and directed by Mexican film-maker Guillermo del Toro. It was produced and distributed by the Mexican film company Esperanto Films.  Guillermo del Toro as I know its also the director of the movie Hellboy II the golden army, if you have seen both, you'll notice certain similary of these 2 movies especially the fantasy creatures. Anyway, Pan's labyrinth has received 3 Academy awards for best cinematography, best art direction and best make up, 3 other nominations for best original scores, best original screen play and best foreign language movie.

Pale man-the movie's famous creature
 the movie is around the Spainish Facists in 1944.The movie opens with  A young girl named Ofelia (Ivana Baquero), lies on the ground bleeding, while the narration explains that long ago, Princess Moanna of the Underground Realm escaped to Earth out of curiosity, where she forgot her past and died. Nonetheless, her father retains hope that her spirit will eventually return to him.

The story then cuts to post-Civil War Spain in 1944. Ofelia, a great lover of fairy tales, is traveling with her pregnant mother, Carmen (Ariadna Gil) to join Captain Vidal (Sergi López i Ayats), Ofelia's new stepfather and father of Carmen's unborn child. Ofelia discovers an insect that she believes to be a fairy along the road, and it follows them to the mill where Vidal is stationed. Ofelia chases the insect into an ancient labyrinthnearby, where she meets Vidal's housekeeper, Mercedes (Maribel Verdú), who treats her kindly and brings her home.
Captain Vidal, who is stationed at the mill to hunt down Spanish Maquis guerrillas, is shown early on to be a violent and cruel man. When his men find two farmers who claim to be peasants hunting rabbits, Vidal brutally beats one of them and kills them both for supposedly aiding the rebel cause before actually searching their belongings and finding a dead rabbit.
One night, Ofelia is awoken by the insect, which physically changes into a fairy. Ofelia follows back to the labyrinth. There, she meets a faun(Doug Jones), who tells her he believes her to be the reincarnation of Princess Moanna. He then tells her that in order to return to her father's realm, she needs complete three tasks for him before the full moon. He gives her the Book of Crossroads, an artifact that will help her to complete three tasks.
Eventually, Captain Vidal hosts a dinner party, which Ofelia is also expected to attend. Carmen gives her a new dress and shoes to wear at the party. Before dinner starts, however, Ofelia receives her first task from the Book of Crossroads. Ofelia crawls through the muddy tunnels under a fig tree in the forest and tricks a monstrous toad at its root into eating magic stones that the faun gave her. As the toad dies, it vomits out a key, which Ofelia takes.
Meanwhile, a guest at Vidal's dinner remarks on how Vidal's late father, also a prominent military figure, had smashed his watch at the moment of his death on the battlefield so that his son would know the exact time he died. Captain Vidal replies his father never owned a watch. Ofelia returns to the house, late for dinner and with her new dress ruined. As punishment, Carmen sends her to bed without supper.
Soon after, Carmen has an episode of severe bleeding, and is prescribed bed rest until she gives birth. The faun tells Ofelia of a way to restore her mother to health: place a mandrake root in a bowl of fresh milk underneath her bed, and feed it two drops of blood each day. After carrying out the faun's prescription, Ofelia undertakes her second task. Using the key she found, she is required to retrieve an ornate dagger from the lair of the Pale Man (also played by Jones): a grotesque, child-eating monster. Although she was warned not to take anything but the dagger, she eats two grapes, awakening the Pale Man. The Pale Man eats two of the three fairies that accompanied Ofelia and chases her. She narrowly escapes and returns to the faun, but he refuses to give her the third task because of her disobedience.
Vidal is shown capturing a rebel and brutally torturing him during an interrogation. The doctor is called to ensure that the rebel remains alive for questioning, but the doctor euthanizes the rebel at his request. Vidal kills the doctor for his disobedience and treachery, because he also discovered that the doctor had been aiding the rebels by giving them medicine. Vidal then catches Ofelia feeding the mandrake under her mother's bed. Carmen tells her daughter that fairy tales are not real, and to prove her point she burns the mandrake. As the root is destroyed, Carmen goes into labor and dies in childbirth, but delivers a healthy son.
Vidal calls Mercedes into his office and informs her that the captured rebel spoke of a spy at the mill, hinting that he knows that the rebel was referring to her. He then orders her to fetch more liquor from the storeroom. She forgets to ask for what she assured him previously was the only copy of the key as she turns to leave, and, after Vidal reminds her, realizes her mistake too late. Mercedes knows she must leave for it is no longer safe for her, and alerts Ofelia of her escape the night of. A sobbing Ofelia clings to Mercedes, begging to leave with her, to which Mercedes reluctantly agrees. As they trudge through the rainy night into the forest, they are met by Vidal and his waiting men. Ofelia is locked in her bedroom and the troops guarding her are ordered to kill her first should anyone try to fetch her. Mercedes is taken to be tortured, but she frees herself using a hidden knife with which she also severely injures Vidal. He survives and has his men pursue her, but she is rescued by her brother and a group of rebels.
The faun returns to Ofelia and gives her one more chance to prove herself, telling her to take her baby half-brother into the Labyrinth. Ofelia sneaks into Vidal's room, drugs his liquor and grabs her brother from his cradle, but Vidal sees her as she escapes. Ofelia enters the labyrinth as the rebels attack the mill. Upon reaching the center of the maze, Ofelia encounters the faun, who wields the ornate dagger that Ofelia retrieved from the Pale Man's lair. The faun explains that he needs the blood of an innocent to open the portal to the Underground Realm, so she must hand him her brother. Ofelia refuses to do so. Vidal stumbles upon the scene, and does not appear to see the faun Ofelia is speaking to. Vidal forcibly takes the baby, and shoots Ofelia in the stomach.
When Vidal leaves the Labyrinth, he is confronted by Mercedes and the rebels. Realizing that they will kill him, he calmly hands the baby over to Mercedes, and requests that they tell the child the exact time his father died. Mercedes refuses to do so and informs him that the child will not even know his name. Mercedes' brother then shoots and kills him.
Mercedes and the rebels enter the labyrinth to find Ofelia dying in a reprise of the opening scene. As Ofelia's blood drips onto the supposed portal to the Underground Realm, the scene flashes to an alternate state: Ofelia is reunited with the King (Federico Luppi), her deceased father) and Queen (her mother Carmen) of the Underground Realm. The faun is there, as are the fairies. Ofelia learns that by sacrificing herself, instead of her brother, she has succeeded at the true final task, proving herself to be the Princess Moanna and achieving immortality.
Mercedes is then shown weeping over Ofelia's corpse. The narrator explains that Princess Moanna went on to rule the Underground Realm with kindness and justice for many centuries, and that she left small traces of her time on Earth that would only be visible to those who knew where to look. The movie ends with the old fig tree in bloom again where a piece of her new dress had gotten caught in a branch.
 This movie got exelent visual effect and it's a very beautiful story. But don't watch it with you kids (your girlfriend too). 

[Technology] Tineye the Reverse Image search engine - The infinite resource with a single picture.

Alright. I can see that many friends of mine just bump into my house, plug their USB in my computer, show my a manga's frame and want me to tell them which manga did that come from. I was always using Tineye works on every kind of picture, not just manga(if you just need to find manga, you can use
The idea is that you upload a picture to their server, and the server crawls on every websites and see if there are pictures that are similar to the one you upload. From those website you can find the source you want.
For example: I surf on the internet, and bump into a random girl's picture on a random website like this:
For this instance, assume I do not know her name, aside of just looking into the file name if there is any chance that there is her name in the picture, I will throw it on So here is the result:

Remember, for this instance, the girl we are looking for the source is an asian, so focus on korean, chinese and japanese sites. First, how about taking a look at the first link?
How comfortably, I've bump into a chinese site(see that chrome's site translator? Chinese(Simplified Han). Now, I can't even understand what this site say, so I will just translate it. And...
Tada! Gotcha!"Monday beauty: South Korea's top car models Huang Mei-ji (Hwang Mi-Hee)". So what you need to do is Google her name(Hwang Mei-ji or Hwang Mi-Hee).
Now there are lots more potential that can be done with this engine. You can almost find the source for everything except those that aren't posted anywhere. Well, at that point, you will need someone to find it for you.
Remember, using Tineye needs you to work with both adaption and common sense. Be wise when looking for the source.