Thursday, May 26, 2011

How music rises and falls.

"Yes". That's the answer if someone will ask me "Do you think music makes your soul?". Music makes everyone's soul, from the orphan kids, to the employed people, to the billionaires and even the gods.
Music is, in my humble opinion, what being the inspiration of everything, include itself. From the primal ages, people have discovered the beats with the drums. Then comes the rhythms of poetry, and then, the rhythm of music. In music, we find ourself and people. We know, every time the music starts, that we have the same soul with the artist.
Music in ages before was not considered not to be done by everyone. Only those who have the deepest soul of the societies, those who live in the nature and believe in mother earth can write down the chords, the beats, the rhythm that touch everyone's heart. It was the golden age of classic music.
And then, the time that the more casual music was written came, in which that people can express themselves by writing down some guitar notes, some piano chord, some beat of drums, and they can say what the people at their same age want to say. Jazz music was created. And it was the great piece of life, the blue piece.
Go a little further, we can find Blues, the genre that makes us want to dance around, or lie down and rest after a work-hard day. It was the time that music comes everywhere. Everyone can play, can write music. Music really becomes the soul.
Then, comes the 70s, and 80s of the 20th century. There were Metal, Hard Rock, those genres that are rebellious. It helps people to express the need of freedom.
Music gave people the soul, the inspiration, the comfort, the freedom. Music is the god. Music is omnipotent.
But, these days, many people just write down some random chords according to the "Circle of Fifth" and then record it. Suddenly, it becomes the hit. No passion, no creation, not even difference.
1997, comes the Auto-tune, the reaper that killed the music industry. With it, anyone can be super star. If so, what is the meaning of being a super star?
It's not that these days, people cannot "create". There are many artists who are still contributing with their passion. For example, Per-Olov Kindgren. He both covers and composes. All of his pieces are wonderful.
But does he have the fame that everyone wants?
No. Because he does not want it. He wants to contribute, not to be a star.
And that's what all the musicians want.


  1. I think Autotune is a fad that will die out eventually

  2. music does die but it can also be revived for example electro, ska etc.

  3. Hope so.
    Maybe there will be a "Enlightenment Era" for Music industry.

  4. Other genres still live, mainstream is dead though.

  5. I hope auto-tune dies soon

  6. i dont use auto tune! :D

    .... maybe thats why I'm not a star..

  7. It's a very clean cut explanation. It is a little more complex now. We are on the cusp of a musical revolution. Where ideas are shared freely (via the internet), a kind of musical socialism.

    The record business is going out of fashion, this is why they are trying to wring every last penny/dime/euro/etc. possible out of it before it collapses in on itself. That will be the day when the revolution is won!

  8. Autotune is being abused. When I'm in studios I will use autotune for what it is MEANT for; correcting natural pitch in singing. But the robo-stuff? It's gonna pass.