Sunday, June 12, 2011

[Music] Rocky Raccoon-The Beatles

 I guess you have to be a Beatles fan to find this song. It wasn't so famous when compared to other Beatles's songs but this one amazed me the first time I hear it which rarely happen. Maybe because it has an American Western...cowboy style, and the Beatles, an English pop band wrote and played it so well. In other hand, the song only have one sequence of 4 chords, but not boring at all. It was a perfect match of harmonica, honky-tonk  and accordeon. It tells a pretty interesting story about this boy Rocky Raccoon whose lover "ran off with another guy". The song is amazing to me, I hope you like it


  1. Didn't know about this track from the Beatles, sounds... Western :D

  2. Great song, The Beatles have a lot of good songs that most people haven't really heard. There's another version of this where Paul screws up a little bit and starts to improvise, really cool.

    Also, I don't know if it's just me but the first few words on the left of the paragraphs are hard to read. The white font gets lost in the white guitars.

  3. never really felt the beetles, i listened. but i never felt it